• Niall Pickles

Don’t try to disrupt, Add value instead

This Sunday morning as we wake up most of us pick up our phone and check the news, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter etc. As we look at the feeds on the pages we check we are bombarded with messages from brands small and big, family and friends posting about their life moments and much more.

The best brands are the ones that add value. When you are a business trying to add value to everyones lives will be tough as you probably won’t be able to do that. This got me thinking is it good to disrupt people in 2020. Probably not. This is because we are always being disturbed by ads on social media, TV, Billboards and advertising boards. Personally I believe if people can have information about my interests and can give me ads about something I am interested in then that is great. However, there seems to be a trend at the moment that people just think boosting a post on Facebook to reach more people will work. IT WON’T. This is because as a business you may think the more people you reach the better.

Although that may be good for growing brand awareness I believe we should focus on our smallest viable audience. If we reach our smallest viable audience this will then allow us to find the people who are really interested in our products or service. They are the people who are more likely to want to engage with you but also they are more likely to buy your product or service you are offering. We all have access to reaching thousands/millions of people on social media and the internet but you have to really think will that work. Will thousands/millions of people really want my product or service? The answer is probably not.

Not even Nike started by targeting millions of people. They started with their smallest viable audience. Going to track meets to find athletes that wanted a specific product. When they started to sell more and grow bigger amongst that community that’s how it grew because their product was that good the athletes at the track meets would go and tell another athlete and then they grew to be Nike we know today. It all started with the smallest viable audience and that’s how it grew. I still believe that Nike is doing that today. With each of their products they find the smallest viable audience for that specific product and they use them communities to grow the brand awareness which eventually reaches the billions of people across the globe.

Well how do I reach the smallest viable audience?

We need to start with understanding what your smallest viable audience is then find out about them. We can do this by understanding who they are what they do and where they are through looking at the demographics. However, if we can find them people then understand how they feel about our product or service we can target them much better as we understand their feelings but also why they would like to buy a product or a service like yours. Then we can start to add value through our direct marketing and brand marketing.

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