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How Often Should Golf Clubs Post to Social Media?

It is the question that everyone wants to know the answer too. The real truth is there is no minimum or maximum. It really comes down to your business and audience. Now there is a lot of blog posts around claiming all kinds of strategies when it comes to posting on social media.

Throughout I will discuss what we have found work and what hasn't worked. We will focus on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. We believe that these platforms are what will work best for golf club marketing and will help to drive people to engage with your brand online.

  1. Facebook

When it comes to Facebook we see a lot of golf clubs posting everyday and even some golf clubs posting every hour. We know that the more we show up in front of our audience the more they will notice us and engage with us. However, Hubspot found that pages under 10,000 fans experienced a 50% drop in engagement per post if they posted more than once per day.

Pickles Sport Marketing suggest 1 post per day as a maximum and 3 post per week as a minimum. We would suggest to post more often if there is a big competition and event happening at the club but in the average week at the club 3 post per week should be enough to be seen and see an increase in engagements.

This strategy is great to use as your audience will start to notice your events more if you plan your lead up to events. We have noticed that in the average week 3-4 posts will be the best and having less posts will allow you to create better quality content rather than those pixelated rushed images the club has from 5 years ago. People love quality photos and videos and that leads them to engage with the posts more.

Use Facebook insights to see when your audience is online and have a look when is the best time to post. Most people use this as a guide to when to post but you must be aware that when your audience is online that is most likely when your competition and other businesses will post so this will only add to the competition.

2. Instagram

When it comes to Instagram we know its where people go to see photos and videos. We know that there are many ways to use Instagram to drive engagement. Our tip when it comes to the number of posts per week again comes down to your audience. However, you will notice a lot of companies post more than this.

We believe 3-5 post per week will do the trick and use stories everyday to drive people to your profile and use polls and questions to interact with your audience. Using stories is a great way to tell people what is happening without them and drive engagement on your profile. It is also a great way to understand what your audience wants by using interactive stories.

Like Facebook your audience will engage with high quality content that is consistent. Do not worry if you miss a day of posting but avoid long times without posting. Be consistent and you will be fine.

Ensure you link your Instagram to Facebook so you can look at insights on the same platform and even post your instagram stories to your Facebook stories to engage your Facebook audience with your Instagram stories/posts.

3. Youtube

Once again consistency is key.

  1. Create a specific YouTube posting schedule.

  2. Post your upload schedule on your YouTube account.

  3. Don’t overcommit! Creating YouTube videos takes time.

  4. Bank YouTube videos so you have them ready to upload on your schedule.

We would suggest uploading once a week so that your audience is used to tuning into your videos on the same day. Just like the soaps on our TV they generally are on the same time each week so that people know when to tune in for their favourite show. This goes for the same for Youtube. However, it helps to try different times when you first start to see what works for you and most of all you audience.

If you create a stash of videos as recommended above, you’ll get an idea of how long your video creation will take, and if that’s a realistic goal. We suggest planning ahead after all it takes time to create good quality value for your audience and in return they will appreciate your better quality videos rather than those rushed uploads that don't match your consistency of past videos.

We conclude that when it comes to these platforms and all other social media platforms we know being consistent will work better than being inconsistent. This also should be at the forefront of your thinking when you are choosing which platforms to use for your social media marketing.

We suggest picking 2/3 that you know you can be consistent on rather than using every platform available and be consistent and tell your audience that you are only using them platforms which ensures they are looking for you on the correct platforms and not forgetting about you on the platform you are not using. After all using 2/3 platforms will allow you to focus on 2/3 types of content instead of different content for each platform as this takes time because different type of content works better on each individual platform because our audience changes from platform to platform.

At Pickle Sport Marketing Manchesters first specific Golf Marketing Agency we offer social media management and we can help to develop strategies that implement everything above and more. We would love to hear from you and start to work with you to drive your social media marketing to the next level.

Contact us for more information.

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