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Sponsorships in Golf

"Sponsorships from businesses that benefit you and their business are important and successful" I have recently been to visit many golf clubs in the North West. Many of the golf clubs have sponsorships that do not benefit the club or the business in any way. This is mostly down to it is not enough anymore just to have a sign up with your logo. Your brand needs to engage with the customers/members that the club has. Many businesses who sponsor golf clubs are not activating the sponsorship meaning they are losing out on boosting awareness with customers/members and ROI gained from the sponsorship.

So what way do we activate sponsorship? First you will need a stratergy on how you will do this. Below are 4 ways that can be a great way to activate your sponsorship and engage with the customers/members who play and visit the golf club.

1. Hole in 1 Challenge - Lets say you sponsor a par 3 hole. You could give 30% discount / freebie to anyone who hits a hole in one. This creates a promotion for your brand and generates discussion in the club and people will generally hear more about your brand. When people hit the hole in 1 they could be presented with a reward and this should be posted on social media and on their social media generating more exposure for your brand.

2. Social Media Interaction - Say you want to interact with more people on social media. You could create a competition for people to post selfies with your brand logo on the golf course and tag you in their post for a chance to win. This would be to increase brand awareness and interaction with your potential customers on social media.

3. Product Give Aways - Say you are wanting get the products you have into potential customers hands. You could set up a stall on big competition days to encourage the players and crowds to interact with your brand. This has always been a way of generating brand awareness and can help with you getting your products in to potential customers hands. This can lead them to become repeat purchasers which then produces more sales in the future.

4. Partner with a Charity - People love to support charities. This is one way of grabbing attention of customers and the wider community. If your business supports a charity then why not have your logo and the charities logo on the same board. This will become more noticeable with customers and members. This generates a feeling with people who see your sign and builds great brand awareness with people. Also if you can why not run a charity day in partnership with the golf club and your business. Invite your employers/business partners to play in the golf tournament that will help to produce publicity in the media generating mass exposure to potential customers.

At Pickles Marketing we can help to run the activations. If you have any ideas yourself and wondering if it would work then you can contact us and we can look into the idea and run this for you leaving you to enjoy the benefits and involvement you want to have.

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